Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trappy New Year to ALL and to ALL a Good year!! Hope everyone is doing fine. This year has been great for me so far, wanted to bless everyone with the first originals mixtape of the year. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this month comes one of the most notable albums I remember to this date. Uptown Saturday Night is the acclaimed debut studio album from American hip hop group Camp Lo, released January 28, 1997 on Profile Records and distributed through Arista Records. The album spawned the hit single, "Luchini AKA This Is It".this is one of the most original Hip-Hop albums ever. The way they recite their rhymes and their sometimes ridiculously heavy use of slang gives their tracks such a unique feel. The production is good too. Like, RIDICULOUSLY good. Coolie High is one of my favorite tracks of all time. The production is so amazing. Sonny Cheeba, Geechi Suede, Ski Beatz, truly made this a special for me in 1997. Be sure to look forward to bumping Uptown Saturday Night Originals mixed by DJ BIG TEXAS on ITS 20TH anniversary. AND REMEMBER THIS IS A BIG TEXAS SPECIAL EDITION!!! BE SURE TO COP THAT NEW JOINT BY CAMP LO-ON THE WAY UPTOWN (2017) AVAILABLE ON I-TUNES.

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