Saturday, August 22, 2015

BiG TEXAS SPECiAL EDiTiON PRESENTS (RE-ISSUE): The D.O.Centials (The Originals) Mixed by DJ Big Texas

AFTER STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON MOVIE PREMIERED LAST WEEK, DJ Big Texas decided to drop a bomb with the online release of his brand new sample set: The D.O.Centials is the complete and full lineup of originals used by Dr. Dre on 'No One Can Do It Better', the landmark debut album from Dallas-born/Compton-bred Dre protégé The D.O.C. Packed with an extensive array of soulful goodies, let's just say that this sample set is nothing short of "funky enough"..."Yeaaaahhhh!!" If that weren't enough, the D.O.Centials gets a nod from The D.O.C. himself, featuring a drop Intro. Overall, the set is blended together really nicely, as 'Centials features well-mixed samples coupled with random bars from The D.O.C.'s original joints. P.S. Ya gotta love the wordplay with the album's title. D.O.Centials? Brilliant!

The D.O.Centials (DELUXE VERSION) Mixed by DJ Big Texas by Djbigtexas on Mixcloud


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