Friday, April 26, 2013

BiG TeXaS SPeCiAL EDiTiOn Presents: The Beat Tape VOL.2 by The Cannabinoids

The Cannabinoids is back with another beat mixtape, All music was produced during a live jam session in Dallas, Texas. So check out the classic The Beat Tape VOL.2 by The Cannabinoids and remember this is a Big Texas Special Edition!!

Introducing: in no certain order:
Jah Born – HU-210,  RC Williams – JWH-133
Erykah Badu – THC,  Symbolyc One – NABILONE, Rob Free – LEVONANTRADOL,
DJ Big Texas – SR14171, Picnic – MARINOL, A1 – SATIVEX, & Cleon Edwards - GOOD FOOT

DOWNLOAD: The Cannabinoids, The Beat Tape VOL.2

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