Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BiG TeXaS SPeCiAL EDiTiOn (EXCLUSIVE) “We Out Chea” Praying

“We Out Chea” without guns, without violence praying for Torence Hatch. The “Gangsta walkin’ Gangsta talkin’ all the time” entertainer Lil Boosie is in our prayers through his trial scheduled for April 30, 2012. FANS are coming together in peace to support Boosie and his family. Candlelight vigils and moments of silence and prayer at Hip Hop events. If you are in Jacksonville next Thursday the 26th ~ please join us! If you are putting together a peaceful vigil ~ email: boosiejustice@gmail.com and we will help spread the word. Please get a BOOSIEJUSTICE shirt and pray we never have to do this again! AND PLEASE VISIT BOOSIEJUSTICE
Torence’s trial is coming up on April, 30. He had no motive to pay a man to kill another man. The trial will prove his innocence. The prosecutor has made this case personal based on direct insults in songs about him and those lyrics were twisted in meaning. When he does come home he will go harder than ever for his fans. This means staying out of trouble. Your prayers represent an essential part of Torence’s survival both today and in the future. Miss Connie has requested Lil Boosie fans, DJ’s and promoters come together peacefully and hold candlelight prayer vigils throughout the world through the end of April and during his trial. Which town will have the biggest and most peaceful prayer vigil? Email pictures to boosiejustice@gmail.com and tag videos. Lil Boosie’s oldest daughter, Iviona, has made a song for her father called This Can’t Be Happening ~ listen and pray together. Here is a link to a courtroom announcement regarding prosecutors asking for and getting an anonymous jury. WAFB News Baton Rouge. Official Boosie Announcements: Boosie thanks everyone for all of the letters that have been coming in. He reads every single one of them. He can not write back right now or talk to anyone outside his family because of his up-coming trial. Because of this your letters even mean more because of the isolation.

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